Labour Law

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The moment you apply for a job, are hired, fired or start a business, you will be confronted with Labour Law.

Labour law includes laws, regulations and social standards in the relationship between employers and employees or freelancers. The rules and regulations are laid down in collective  agreements, contracts, regulations and assignments. Labour law is also influenced by other areas of law. Such as social security law, tax law, pension law and European directives. Fundamental rights and equal treatment also determine the agreements.

As a result, labour law is much more complex than is often thought. With my 27 years of experience as a lawyer in Labour Law and Pension Law, I master the tricks of the trade.

Labour law is a dynamic law that is constantly changing. Especially in turbulent times. During a crisis. Because politics introduces or revises a law. Or because the court makes a ruling that is considered ‘standard’ from that moment on. Labour law is also emotional, especially when (imminent) dismissal occurs. I can put myself in your situation, because I control all sides of the negotiation table.

You are employer, employee or freelancer. Or a member of the board, a council or a foundation. You want to know more about your employment position or a conflict on the work floor. Or you would like

a due diligence because of a merger and acquisition. Perhaps you are wondering whether your employment contracts still meet the current requirements? Or do you want to know what your rights are in the event of dismissal?

Whatever question you may have, you have come to the right place if you are looking for an experienced and professional Attorney at Law who will deal with your issues adequately and take a proactive approach.

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