Pension Law

Pension law is an extension of Labour Law. Yet pension law is fundamentally different. These are benefits that employees build up during their careers in order to be enjoyed later on. Employers and administrators have an extensive duty of care and information. Pension law therefore consists of in-depth laws, rules and authoritative standards.

I'm one of the few lawyers who has Pension Law as a real specialization. This enables me to professionally inform and assist my clients in these highly complex laws and regulations.

If you are facing, or are about to face, an acute pension problem that needs to be solved in a professional manner, I wil be pleased to advise and assist you. Through my cooperation with a solid team of actuaries and other pension specialists, I try to solve every problem for you. I am familiar with the process and communication regarding employees, about setting up or changing a pension scheme. And I advise pension fund providers as well as employers and employees, which gives me actual knowledge and extensive experience enabling me to take a critical look at a pension problem or issue from several sides.

Do your contracts still comply with continuously changing pension laws and regulations?

Are your pension insurance contracts complete, correct and up-to-date?

Do the pension providers and intermediaries do what they have promised?

Do you not receive the pension you have been promised?

Or does your question involve entry (or: exit) a pension fund?

For all these kinds of questions you have come to the right place.

Regardless of your profession or company. Call me for an appointment.

The pension check.

Your pension scheme should be affordable and fit within your organisation. Rights and risks must be clear. After all, there are major financial interests at stake. That’s why it’s wise to have your pension scheme legally checked by me. I will bring any shortcomings or alternatives to light.

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